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Other Inbox helps you to organize your email inbox and get rid of the mess. You can improve your relationships with your contacts by using Other Inbox. It lets you make your Inbox more resourceful. Other Inbox has been designed keeping in mind the value of your time. It saves on your time. It is an effective manager of your emails and draws your attention to the urgent ones immediately.

Other Inbox

Other Inbox is trained to routinely analyze your mails. It ranks your mails according to their level of importance. This makes it easy for you to look for the relevant mails. Other Inbox also gives you a synopsis of things that are relevant to you. You can sign up for a free account from Gmail or Yahoo mail. Other Inbox plays three roles that of an organizer, defender and maintains your Inbox score. The organizer assists you in clearing your messed-up inbox.

Organizer reviews all the lesser priority emails into a distinct easy to handle digest every. This in a way leads to a rise in your productivity. Defender 2.0 and Inbox Score are yet to be launched. Other Inbox comes free of cost. Thus it does not burn a hole in your pocket. Other Inbox hosts an active support base to provide assistance to its users.

Features of Other Inbox

  1. The organizer is versatile in nature. It comes in two forms- for your Gmail and Yahoo.
  2. You do not need to download or install any software on your machine. Other Inbox does not run the risk of slowing down your PC or eating up your diskspace.
  3. A spam filter removes unnecessary stuff that clutters your mail. You do not need to waste your time checking unimportant mails.
  4. The organizer concentrates on emails that are important for your business and social networking. They pile up these emails in separate folders and make it easy for you to quickly view the urgent mails.
  5. It dispatches a daily summary of the mails that you have received on the previous day.
  6. The organizer helps you to keep a record of the packages using a user friendly iCalender feed. This can be connected to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It enables you to share with your family and buddies all that you have purchased.
  7. The Organizer can be connected to sender website for review.
  8. The organizer can also help in detection of senders of spammy mails and prevent spam to get collected in your inbox which may harm your system eventually. Thus it eliminates the risks involved in reading spam mails.

Other Inbox is undoubtedly the best solution for managing clutter in your inbox. It acts as an efficient personal assistant who guides you to view the most important mails first. Other Inbox surely gets your job done efficiently.

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