Organizer Lite IPhone Apps

Organizer Lite is a simple IPhone Apps that allow you to organize your work, it work like simple real organizer. User can easily enter their text, create diagrams, use emoji, insert pictures and save contacts just as you would write them down in your organizer.

Organizer lite iphone app

It also help you to record and play voice memos directly on the iPhone and iPod touch, If your are using older models then you need additional microphone to record the voice memos. Organizer Lite is perfect IPhone apps for business user to manage your daily schedule, to-do list, notes or diary.

The most important part of the organizer Lite is its flexibility, It fulfilled the all needs of its individual user. In contrast,organizer Lite is specially designed to act like a sheet of paper, allowing the software to accept the individual manner of its user. Anything you can write down on a sheet of paper, you can write down in Organizer. Organizer suits the needs and preferences of any user.

Features of Organizer Lite IPhone Apps

  1. Easy to Enter text, shapes, emojis, photos and contacts in any layout.
  2. Change size, color and style of text (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough).
  3. Text can display bullet point or check box.
  4. Tap and hold the screen for about 1 second to enter new text quickly.
  5. Change color and line width of shapes, which can be lines, curves, rectangles, round rectangles and ellipses.
  6. Touch and hold a shape button in the shape selection window to lock the tool to continuously use it.
  7. Organizer Lite supports importing tweets from Twitter.
  8. Import contact information from address book.
  9. Easy to Search text and contacts on a page.
  10. Show text and contacts in a list.
  11. Search the contents of the list.
  12. List can be filtered to show all items, all to-do items or all open to-do items.
  13. Full screen calendar with preview of schedules and events.
  14. Supports Local Notification in iOS 4.
  15. Show alarm for events imported from Google Calendar without configuration.
  16. Provide support for calendar App
  17. Also provide support for Google calendar
  18. Use pinch (move two fingers on the screen further or closer) to make shapes and emoji larger or smaller.
  19. Supports copy & paste of text, shapes, emojis, photos and contacts.

Download : Organizer Lite

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