PageLime – simple Content management system for web designers

Pagelime is a fast, lightweight, and easy to use remote Content Management System for web designers, web agencies, and web developers. that allows you to update the content, images, and documents on your web site without any setup.

All you have to do is add the ‘cms-editable’ CSS class to any element on your site to mark which areas of your site are editable.

pagelime simple Content management system

No need to install PageLime on your server or configure any databases. Just sign-up, and create your account. Once you are registered with PageLime, you can easily manage and mark up editable areas using the class cms-editable.In this way, you and your clients easily modify all marked areas using the PageLime WYSIWYG editor, without modify directly the HTML code of your pages.

For example, To mark up regions of your site that you want to make editable, add a css class as shown below:


The PageLime publishing engine will search your source code for the editable classes, and replace content inside those areas with the updated content from PageLime.

Features of PageLime:

  1. 100% AJAX enabled Interface
  2. Manage Multiple Sites easily
  3. Set up users and permissions for who can edit, and who can publish content.
  4. easy to create sitemap for browsing the structure of your site, and quickly create new directories and pages.
  5. Navigate your own site and click any editable region to change the content.
  6. Create and manage templates that can be used to create new pages.
  7. Turn any page in your site into a template for new pages with one click!.
  8. Turn any folder or page collection into an RSS feed.
  9. Edit source code with syntax highlighting from your browser.
  10. Edit meta keywords and descriptions for your pages.
  11. The entire interface is built to facilitate a smooth desktop like experience. It works on all major browsers
  12. Provide Document Library and Image Gallery .
  13. Upload images and files with one click.
  14. Make images fit into your pages without resizing them or cutting them up.
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