Panda – Open source Video Encoding Platform

Panda is an Open source web-based Video Encoding Platform that allows users to convert videos into multiple formats in the cloud.

With a REST-based API, the platform helps encode the videos and makes it easy to add video uploading and streaming functionality to your web or mobile application.

Panda Video Encoding Platform

Using Panda, you can set up your video encoding servers on Amazon EC2 because it runs entirely in the cloud computing environment provided by Amazon’s web services. The application runs on a customized EC2 instance with everything pre-installed, including FFmpeg and many codecs.

SimpleDB stores all the data for video, encoding, accounts, and encoding profiles. Uploaded and encoded video files are then stored on an S3 bucket. Then, using Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network, You serve beautiful, high-quality video to your users directly from S3. It supports RTMP and HHTP video streaming and adaptive bitrate switching for both Flash players and iPhone users.

Features of Panda

  1. Unlimited encoding
  2. Upload videos securely and directly to the Panda account
  3. No bandwidth premium
  4. Scale Instantly
  5. REST-based API gives you complete access to your videos.
  6. Your dedicated video encoders in the cloud
  7. Immediate notifications after encoding are completed.
  8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.
  9. Automated thumbnail generation
  10. Letterboxing/Pillarboxing
  11. Easy to Re-encode videos at any time
  12. REST API. jQuery plugin. Ruby, PHP & Python libraries
  13. Highly flexible. Full control over FFMpeg options
  14. create any quality/format/size videos
  15. Use your preferred web video player


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