Pangolin – Smart Firewall Device for you and your family

Pangolin is a  edge security device that sits behind your modem or router to protect all of the smart devices connected to your network. it help you to  detects network intrusions and prevents cybercriminals from stealing information from all devices connected to your local network.

It also allows you to manage your network easily through a mobile app. This is done through parental controls that allow you to set internet break times and block objectionable content, and also bandwidth controls that let you prioritize bandwidth to the devices that need it most. Pangolin also comes with an anti-buffer bloat feature that helps minimize lag spikes when a network’s bandwidth is being fully utilized.

All you’ve got to do is plug Pangolin into your router, follow quick setup, and it will start protecting your network right away! You don’t even need to be at home when something happens – Pangolin will notify you via our Android and iOS app and allow you to decide how to deal with the problem in real-time.

Features of Pangolin

  1. Active Vulnerability scanning – Scans your network to notify you about threats before they harm you.
  2. Passive Network Monitoring – Monitors your network traffic and blocks intrusions.
  3. Parental Controls – Ensure safe internet access for your loved ones.
  4. Complete Data Privacy – We make sure that we never save any of your data.
  5. An Affordable Price – get all of these features at a price that you can afford.
  6. Easy to use – Simple setup that can be done by anyone in minutes.
  7. One Tap Ad blocking
  8. Simplified Custom bandwidth controls
  9. Device fingerprinting

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