PasteMaster – Preference pane based clipboard manager for Mac

PasteMaster is a Preference pane based clipboard manager that lets you deal effectively with web applications and database forms and tool without any hassle. You can easily store different numbers and addresses into database files and manage clipboards files and information into them. The application covers certain text types and formats which lets it manage and review the application forms and the database files.

PasteMaster clipboard manager

You can easily store information and edit them from the database without any difficulty. You can easily copy information and numbers for different applications and store them into the database effectively. You can paste them in the form you copied them or can also edit and transform them into different type and then paste them.

When you paste within separate fields, you can easily type using tabs and then formatting them into the database. Apart from that, the application lets you copy and paste further addresses, phone numbers and other additional information related to the account. You can also delete and format clipboards effectively without having to delete the entire block clipboards.

Apart from that, you can also lock clipboards and maintain secured information on them without having the access of unlocking to other people than you. The application as such shows the visual definite difference between the different locked and unlocked clipboards and the other related information.

PasteMaster allows you to edit information as well as copy and paste information from the other sources to the different clipboards. Apart from that, with multiple options to choose from, you can select to choose, view selected locked and unlocked clipboards along with the recent clipboard tags. You can also tag information into different forms and information files by pasting and editing from the database. The application features shortcuts, which effectively lets you decipher information formatted and gives you the option of formatting and editing information you require.

Features of PasteMaster

  1. The application is easy to use with reviewing the guide featured in the home menu.
  2. The application comes with different features of different work aspects, which effectively lets you manage files and decipher information.
  3. You can easily and conveniently store as well as paste information you require to edit into the databases.

PasteMaster is an effective tool of managing and developing databases and editing and pasting information you want to.

Download : Paste Master

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