Pegby Online Collaborative Virtual Board

Pegby is an online collaborative virtual board and to-do manager which enables people on the internet to interact with each other in an easy and convenient manner.

Pegby is a collaborative virtual board where individuals can post their comments, opinions, and thoughts and share them with their colleagues.

Pegby Online Collaborative Virtual Board

It’s a free service with exciting features like cards, columns, and boards that make it possible for people to put up descriptions of their tasks and send messages to other people, etc.

The website also has privacy settings that ensure the security of its customers. It’s a web-based to-do manager that organizes your tasks and social interaction online.

Pegby operates just like a corkboard which has index cards attached to it. This corkboard has as many as three columns.

One column is devoted to things which have been done already, one column is devoted to things which are yet to be done and one column is dedicated to things or activities which are currently in progress.

Files can be attached to the index cards. Due dates may also be attached to the index cards. Pegby is capable of being shared as well as being used individually.

Features of Pegby

  1. Boards – Boards are an exciting feature of the Pegby to-do manager. The board is a place where you can post information related to your work. This information can be viewed by your colleagues and friends provided you have them added to your pegby network. You can also assign tasks on the Pegby board. There are also unlimited columns that you can create on the boards in which you can insert information related to the tasks or work that you put up on the boards.
  2. Cards – Cards are another unique feature of the Pegby to-do manager. You can create cards or posts with descriptions and titles and then attach these to the board of the Pegby website. The cards could contain information regarding an upcoming event. They can also serve the purpose of notices and tenders quite easily.
  3. Option to Share – What you do on your Pegby board is something that you can easily share with your near and dear ones. To do so, all that you must do is invite your contacts to your Pegby board. Once they are added to your network on Pegby, they can view whatever you post on your board.
  4. Option to Style – You can design and style your Pegby board as per your choice. There are numerous styling options on the website that allow you to design your boards and columns on the site in a manner that you like.

Thus, pegby is quite a wonderful way in which you can organize tasks as well as collaborate with people on the web.

It’s an inexpensive collaborative to-do manager and virtual board that particularly design for educators who can make use of the various features on Pegby to collaborate with students.

Download: Pegby

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