Pentaho Reporting – Report designer and report content creation tool

Pentaho Reporting is a Report designer and report content creation tool that provide platform to create interactive reports as well as it helps in the customization besides providing a wide range of intuitive tools that is very helpful in handling a wide range of Report data.

Pentaho Reporting

It helps several users in empowering them within a specific organization. The interface provided by the Pentaho Reporting is completely web-based and the interface is richly designed as well.

It not only helps the business analysts but also the report developers who use it for creating pixel-perfect and precise enterprise reports, without depending on IT or report developers.

A rich set of non-relational as well as relational data sources is provided by the Pentaho Reporting. Through the use of the Pentaho Data Integration or direct access for a full transformation, cleansing and preparation of Data, Pentaho Reporting helps in the seamless integration as well as in reporting on multi-source environments.

Sharing of information becomes much easier through the use of Pentaho reporting. Casual users of business and Report designers are free to create reports on the fly and they are also free to share them with their colleagues over the web for the decision making of the team and collaboration.

As the report definitions are shared between the rich desktop designer and the web client, technical report developers and business users can easily collaborate in tracking report creation at an incredible speed, standardization and customization.

Appropriate roles and permission can be given to the users, so they can run, schedule reports or email in the format given below: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML and Rich Text Format.

Multiple languages are also supported by the Pentaho reporting that helps in providing an all round development.

The interface provided by the Pentaho Reporting is richly built and several the functionalities in it are also well developed for the users who are mainly concerned with the aspects of design.

Features of Pentaho Reporting

  1. Live and easy interaction with reports that are specifically designed for the user of casual type
  2. Drop and drag designer to delete, move and add fields directly that are provided within the canvas of the reports
  3. Inline filtering, formatting, grouping, sorting, summary calculations and aggregations
  4. The design as well as editing of reports is done through WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  5. The creation of reports can be done based on the template that helps in the immediate productivity
  6. The Desktop Designer is powerfully built for the Enterprise Reporting
  7. The graphical designer is richly built for business analysts and power users
  8. Big Data Reporting and Multi-Source
  9. Operational data stores, data marts and data warehouses
  10. All open source, popular proprietary, NoSQL databases and analytical.
  11. Semi-structure and unstructured sources
  12. CRM application data or Enterprise ERP

Due to all these reasons Pentaho Reporting is gaining its popularity and with its help reports are generated at a rapid speed. The interface provided by this is also richly built that is also of great use.

Download : Pentaho Reporting

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