Penzu – Your personal journal and online diary

Penzu is the best and most efficient software to maintain your online personal diary. It also lets you maintain a private online journal. it allows easy recording of your thoughts and memories. You ideas are stored safe and secure. Penzu is a simple and basic software which makes maintaining your online diary fun.

Penzu - personal journal and online diary

The idea of Penzu revolves around maintaining your privacy. Unlike blogs your entries are kept private by default. Your Penzu account is password protected but added security is provided by keeping each of your entry password protected. You can also share your entries with your near and dear ones if you want to. Sharing is easy through email or public links. Penzu allows you to post comments. You can remain anonymous if you want to. Penzu also allows photo addition to your entries. You can upload pictures from your computer as well as Flicker. Penzu is effective in automatically saving your changes. You can sort your entries according to date of creation, topics, size and images or as private or shared.

Features of Penzu Pro

  1. Penzu allows you to keep multiple journals. You can keep separate journals for your secrets, ideas, travel etc. You can lock each journal with a separate encryption.
  2. Your Penzu account can be accessed from your smart phone devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and many more. Some of these devices also let you use Penzu while you remain offline.
  3. You can lock as well as encrypt your entries individually. Since Penzu hosts military grade encryption once your password is lost you will never be able to access your entries again. it uses 256 bit AES encryption.
  4. You can customize your Penzu profile with exclusive backgrounds and pad styles. Backgrounds come in different shades and patterns. You default ruled lines pad can be modified to graph paper, yellow notepad, classic notepad, recycled paper and plain white.
  5. You can manage your entries using the feature of tagging. You can organize multiple related entries by allocating them with a common tag.
  6. If you have hard copies of old journals and diaries you can import them online using Penzu . You just need to pick the right date of creation of the old entries.
  7. You can view a bigger version of an image that you have uploaded and download it. The maximum resolution Penzu uses is 1280×1024.
  8. You can format your text and express your thoughts clearly.
  9. You can maintain backups of your data by exporting your entries as a PDF, TXT, RSS or Atom XML file. You can also import files to your Penzu account.
  10. Penzu has reminder options so that you keep a maintain update of your journal.

Penzu Pro is an exceptionally simple and engaging way to maintain an online diary. It guarantees your satisfaction and never fails to meet your expectations.

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