Phenotype CMS – PHP/MySQL based Content Management Framework

Phenotype CMS is a PHP/MySQL based open source Content Management Framework to build fast, reliable, convenient content management system . it specially dedicated to serve two basic principles: Easy Editing & Simple Efficiency.

Phenotype CMS - PHP/MySQL based Content Management Framework

  1. Easy Editing : it offers a unique generic usability where it doesn’t matter what content you want to manage. it provide three very intuitive ways to manage it:
    1. Page Oriented Editing : it allow you to manage content with help of page components.
    2. Content Oriented Editing : Content Oriented Editing allow you to manage Content like organizing and editing content as you would do with a Card Index Box.
    3. Media Oriented Editing – Integrated Lightweight Media assets Management.
  2. Simple Efficiency : It provides a very robust groundwork for your content driven web application. The whole application is manageable within the backend, meaning when you create new component (classes), you create them guided. In this way, you always have a great overview on your application.

Basically Phenotype is a perfect for all developers, that have a strong interest in controlling their own applications and just want a supporting framework. And it’s perfect for all developers who want to achieve their goals very fast, who need to provide substantial quality and performance in a reasonable time and agree to break new grounds to reach that goal, even if it means to ignore best practices.

Features of Phenotype CMS

  1. Expandable through inheritage of system components
  2. Fragment caching
  3. Uniform data model for all phenotype applications
  4. SQL Builder class for secure inserts
  5. Integration of Smarty Template Engine
  6. Page version with possibility to program automatic activation
  7. Multilingualism configurable per page group
  8. Multilingual pages (with one lead language)
  9. Access of pages controllable due to groups, rights & roles
  10. Finding your pages by full text searching the content
  11. Snapshots & Rollback
  12. Online Image Editing
  13. Drag & Drop Upload
  14. Integrated task management
  15. Dynamic priorization following the ABCD Eisenhower principle
  16. Connecting tickets to pages, content records, media assets
  17. Easy to Rebuilding Indexes
  18. Page wizard for mass page creation
  19. Automatic measuring of page build times, query execution times to help you optimizing your application performance
  20. third xml-based general page view mode (1. Standard, 2. Print/AJAX, 3. XML)

Download : Phenotype CMS

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