Piggydb knowledge creation system

If you want to build your knowledge personally or collaboratively, you can do it easily with Piggydb. With this software, you can create highly structured content by connecting knowledge fragments to each other to build a network structure, which is more flexible and expressive than a tree structure.

Piggydb knowledge creation system

Piggydb does not want to restrict itself just to the input and research database application. It aims to become platform that encourages you to organize your knowledge continuously. It aspires to discover new ideas and concepts and its users creativity.

This is an easy to install application and requires no configuration. This application runs on Java Runtime Environment and the Standalone Package. Standalone Package permits you to use Piggydb ads if it is a standalone desktop application. This package can run on any OS as long as java and the system tray is available.

One should immediately change the owner’s password after the first login. Features that set piggydb apart from other web application is that it is for private use or for the use of one person to a small group of people.

Features of Piggydb

  1. It is designed in such a way that it can be installed in the any OS or in any environment.
  2. It aims to provide a more strong way to organize information in a proper manner and explicit network structure.
  3. Piggydb is capable of handling large number of tags and huge amount of information that allows the user to create his or her own hierarchies of concept.
  4. The publishing aim of the piggydb is to provide various ways to improve and organize knowledge.
  5. Document viewing helps the user to generate a plain XTML document from a knowledge fragment tree, this makes the document suitable for printing.
  6. Only authentic users are allowed to view and edit the content by default. This ensures security of the user’s data stored in the application.
  7. The anonymous access has been available with the 4.4 version This feature allows the user to view the content without login. They however cannot register, edit or delete knowledge fragments.
  8. The unit of information in piggydb is known as knowledge fragment and this unit helps to keep a track of the information and data import (& export).
  9. it is recommended that one should keep all the individual fragments relatively small to give more flexibility in organizing and relating them to use the tag
  10. Smart layout and plenty of tools help the user to operate this application more easily.
  11. The application is multi-featured, which gives the user an ease to operate it without any hassle.
  12. All the tools are well organized in this application so that the user can easily access them whenever needed.

Piggydb maintains a perfect balance between power and simplicity. It greatly matches ones need with anything that is related to knowledge management. It is more flexible than a standard database and easier to use than a wiki. Clearly this is much ahead of what its competitor can and offers. Its easy, quick and vast features provides its users with all round satisfaction.

Download : Piggydb

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