Pimcore – ZEND Framework and ExtJS based Web CMS

Pimcore is a fully feature and robust ZEND framework based modular content management system and web framework that help you to create and manage all your websites and web applications.

Pimcore - ZEND Framework web cms

it has ExtJS based frontend graphical user interface (GUI) where user can almost done all editing by using the drag-and-drop and context – sensitive navigation of the rich administration interface, which is powered by well-known ExtJS framework. it also include a multi-tabbed interface, where multiple documents can be opened simultaneously and the easy-WYSIWYG edit-mode, for browse and edit not only document but also images, previewing documents and videos within one single interface. The communication between frontend and backend is purely based on asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Pimcore also offered a rich ExtJS powered database and GUI modeler, which allows you to define your database model and object classes in an intuitive way by dragging various UI components to the modeler canvas. It also known as product information management framework (PIM) which means true multi-channel publishing and integration into many ecommerce systems like Magento and OXID eSales.

features of Pimcore

  1. Simple powerful and flexible web content management system
  2. Support for Rich WYSIWYG editing
  3. Digital Assets management and WebDAV
  4. Objects and classes
  5. Dynamic properties
  6. Support for Versioning
  7. Access permission management
  8. Permissions for documents, assets, objects and logical grouping units like directories
  9. Field-based permission schemes for objects
  10. Web analytics & A-B-Testing
  11. High performance
  12. Open source Product information management
  13. A complete rapid application development platform for ZEND framework
  14. Rich use of the MVC principle to integrate 3rd party applications into pimcore
  15. License: It’s free and open source project and released under the BSD license.

Download : http://www.pimcore.org/

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