pinax – Django-based platform for rapidly developing websites


pinax is an open source Django-based platform for rapidly developing websites. it has integrated collection of Django applications that provides the most commonly needed social networking features, such as openID support, oembed support, email verification, password management, site announcements, a notification framework, user-to-user messaging, friend invitation (both internal and external to the site), a basic twitter clone, gravatar support etc..

pinax - Django-based platform

It’s perfect Django based platform which suitable for a wide variety of websites, from social networks to corporate websites and from intranets to online games. Currently Pinax’s developer working on number of editions to meet the requirement of event management, learning management, software project management and more.

pinax is an open source project and available under an MIT license.

Features of pinax

  1. openid support
  2. contact import (from vCard, Google or Yahoo)
  3. tagging and bookmarking
  4. blogging and wikis with multiple markup support
  5. threaded discussions
  6. projects with basic task and issue management
  7. interest groups support (called tribes)
  8. oembed and gravatar support
  9. a notification framework
  10. email verification and password management

Download : pinax
Website :

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