Placepad – Online sketch pad to create floor plan

PlacePad is a Online sketch Pad for places that allow you to create a floor plan for your places that can be viewed by anyone anywhere on the web.

Placepad - Online sketch pad to create floor plan

The reason why PlacePad has been developed is to solve the various real estate design problems. The different other software’s that supported this civil stuff lacked one dimension, that is of floor designing.

Even till the early 20’s the engineers got to see the layout of their plans with the help of a photographer only but PlacePad has the outstanding capability of generating the layouts for the homes too.

Brian Tom and alongside 99 other designers contributed towards the creation of PlacePad. Its main aim is to provide modern and efficient floor layouts for the real estate projects.

Placepad is literally an online sketching pad that provide great help to its users, especially the engineers. The application associated with PlacePad is used to design floor planning.

The system is designed in a way that in the first design session it asks a few basic questions about the type of layout that the user would be customizing.

After receiving the required answers, the application automatically creates few plans of its own and shows it to the user. After checking that, the user at any point of time can move back and add on any other stats to further customize the floor plan.

After deciding on everything, the user will get a clear graphical image of the floor layout just as he desired. The system is extremely user friendly and the questions that are mainly asked are also very basic like the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, their positioning etc.

After you get the basic floor layout, you can add all your required doors and windows to finish your plan. The whole process is quite fast and you can even share the plans with others.

Placepad is such a contrasting mechanism that working with it is possible for more or less everyone. The applicants in the time of need of creating a stage outline can smoothly attain it by the help of placepad.

The whole procedure is an uncomplicated one and the subscribers can get it done within few minutes. For exhibiting real property the schemes are effective ones.

The whole interface of the placepad is of bright blue in color and along with that attractive illustration, pictures are also provided.

The emblem is an intelligent one that attributes blue building sketch by a pencil which is black in color. So the creation of the stage is being done automatically keeping the materials uncomplicated.

Lastly in case of selling or purchasing a house or giving it for rent becomes a smooth task.

Features of PlacePad

  1. Produce floor plans as per the specifications provided by the user
  2. Additional windows and doors can be customized for the complete layout
  3. Option of paid membership for lifetime free access
  4. Easy to share

You might no longer need the support of the civil engineers to design the layouts of your home. With the help of PlacePad you can easily create your own personal layout. It is surely very much beneficial and a must try app.

Download : Placepad sketch pad for places

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