PlainAjax – lightweight JavaScript framework


PlainAjax is a lightweight cross-platform JavaScript framework specially designed to simplify the use of Ajax. It saves the developer from the implementation details and focuses on the most common tasks of an Ajax web development.

Main features are: – send Ajax requests to the web server and .. – post data from HTML input elements – post data from JavaScript variables – put the server’s response into a HTML element – process the response in a JavaScript function – and much more. Just execute a Plain Ajax request and the framework will generate you all Ajax request/response processing code on the fly in the background.

Screenshot of PlainAjax:

  1. Send Ajax request to the server


  2. Post data from HTML input elements

    Submitting data from HTML input fields to the server. The server echoes the received posted data.


  3. Auto-repetition of Ajax requests – Useful for web-based a chat box 


Download: PlainAjax

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