Planbox – agile project management

Planbox is an Agile Project management tool that takes care of all the business functions by taking full control over the projects managing. The application can be used to keep a track of your items, tasks and progress of your overall project.

Planbox agile project management

The application, Planbox, is of great help when it comes to project managing and controlling all the business functions of the user. The tools and features of this Agile Project Management application helps in keeping a track of all the user’s elements, tasks and progress of overall project.

This web-based utility application is quite easy to use and learn. From getting notifications on deadlines to resource sharing, this application is one-man-army in terms of features and utility. With this handy application, the user can turn his/her whole organization into an Agile venture.

Plenty of features and tools include- assigning tasks, common to-do tasks, prioritize tasks, share resources, give feedbacks, and so on. The application is best compatible with Linux, MAC and Windows. The users can register it for free and later upgrade it by paying a small charges.

Features of Planbox

  1. Smart and user-friendly interface- Unlike other applications, Planbox has a smart layout and easy to use and navigate interface with tools organized in such a manner that the users can access them easily.
  2. Agile in managing- Planbox is an agile project management application and manages each and every project under control.
  3. Keeps a track of elements, tasks and project’s progress- The application keep a track of user’s elements, to do tasks and the progress of projects. Whenever the user needs to fetch a file or search for the timeline, the users can easily access it.
  4. Time tracking and logging- The application not only keeps a track of projects, but also the time when it was put.
  5. Resource allocation- The application also enables the users for resource allocation and leveling.
  6. Filtering features- The users of Planbox can also filter the projects as tags and sort them easily.
  7. Free Trial- The application is available for free trial and afterwards it costs a less nominal fee.
  8. Intuitive Agile tool- The application is very intuitive as an agile tool.
  9. A very effective tool for mobilizing team- This agile Project management application is a very effective tool when it comes to mobilizing a team
  10. Get instant feedbacks- Get the feedbacks of your end-users and keep a track of them.
  11. An ideal tool to handle all your business operations- The application is very fruitful when it comes to handle the business operations.

A total web-based solution is what describes Planbox the best. From managing several projects to getting comments and feedbacks, this tool is one of its kind to provide its users a hassle free business operation.

Download : Planbox agile project management

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