Plandora Project Management – Open source software to manage software development process

Plandora is basically an open source software which is used for managing the process of software development. The plandora project management software can be very useful for teams which are facing problems with their resource bottle necks, critical demands, demands of project documentation, having workers involved in identical projects at the same time and parallel projects.

Plandora Project Management

The Plandora project management software was released in the year 2008 at the international open source form in Porto Alegre. In the year 2009 it became one of the most used open source software which was used , like the Project Management system. Project management is a vital importance in today’s world as deadlines are inflexible.

This is why Plandora is a very important software. The Plandora helps you to meet up to critical deadlines thereby helping you to align to your customer requirements. Mainly, it helps you to categorize the projects and deal with them according to given priority. The project management system is web based and updates can be maintained dynamically because of this reason. Setup is easy and automatic.

Features of Plandora Project Management

  1. The Plandora project management tool provides a single contact point between the project resources and the customers.
  2. It has custom fields
  3. There are custom reports which are based on iReport and Jasper Reports
  4. There are custom agents just like a scheduled process such as SQL triggers, file checking and email notifications.
  5. Plandora project manages invoice, costs, risks, KPL, survey.
  6. The Plandora project manages the resource capacity.
  7. The Project tasks can be managed or viewed through Agile Board or Gantt Chart.
  8. There is Artifact Management which is integrated with Local DB repository or SVN.
  9. Also support for Repository browsing.
  10. The Plandora tool allows the exposure of repository files to the customers through a web portal.
  11. The Plandora entities are indexed by a Knowledge Base engine known as Lucene engine in the background.
  12. Plandora is a multi project and multi user program. It allows a hierarchy in the project structure.
  13. The customers, leaders or resources will have a role to play in each of the projects.
  14. The Plandora project management software supports various languages such as Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

The Plandora project management software is very useful for the management of various kinds of difficult projects. It is aimed at improving the productivity of projects as well as the management of projects.

Download : Plandora project management

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