Play – ideal bug and issue tracking software for software teams

Play is a very efficient Collaborative platform and web application tool for the developers who working in a team. Also known as a bug and issue tracker, this application helps you to keep a record of the projects and by performing your work proficiently you are also rewarded. The application is compatible with the commonly used browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can easily access the tasks and projects and thus, can integrate them without much hassle.

Play Nice-ly issue tracking software

In any project, the collective effort of team members is needed. Play was formed with an idea of collective effort where web designers, software developers, product managers, clients and other professionals can collaborate and work together sharing a single space.

As a professional, you can form milestones, track the bugs and issues, assign and allot jobs to your team members, assess audit trials, and so on. As a reward of your good job, you can receive a badge too. In a way, it helps you to integrate and manage all your code projects while keeping the user in a light and humorous mood.

Features of Play

  1. Bug and issue tracking – Play is quite an efficient tool for bug and issues tracking which helps in teaming up the software developers, project managers, web developers, clients and other professionals for a successful project development and management.
  2. Use of commonly used browsers – The application uses common web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  3. Stylish and well-organized layout – Play has been designed with a stylish layout so that it appeals the user. The application is equally well organized so that it becomes easy to understand and handle for the users.
  4. Cartoon images and illustrations – The application has cartoons and illustrations to keep the light mood of the user.
  5. Reward badges for good job – To inspire the user, there are badges to unlock when the user does a good job. You can get a busy bee, night owl, the Squasher or early bird as a reward.
  6. Multiple Project handling – With this application you can handle multiple projects alone with great ease.
  7. Unlimited Milestones and tickets – You can submit infinite tickets and can enter infinite milestones as per your requirement.
  8. Code linking – You can use subversion or GitHub to integrate and link-up your project code. That means you can easily locate any item without any hassle.

Play is aimed to increase the rate of productivity as well as keep a humorous mood for the user. The USP of this product lies in its brand-new approach towards the work, where cartoons and animations are used to entertain the user while all their code projects are kept organized and integrated.

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