The 10 Best Free Podcast Manager for iPhone

Now a day’s people prefer digital media over publications. Podcasts, which are in the form of audio or radio files are used by most people for listening to seminars, radio sessions, etc.

There are a lot of Podcast Manager for iPhone and today we are going to share the 10 Best Podcast Manager for iPhone which you can use on your iPhone.

10 Best Podcast Manager for iPhone

1 Downcast – Podcast Manager for iPhone

Listen to all your favorite podcasts using Downcast. Using Downcast you don’t need to sync your Podcasts with iTunes to start listening to them.

Search all your favorite podcasts and download them directly from your iPhone.

You can also rename the podcasts with this app. Downcast also makes it easy to sync all your podcasts, playlists online with your iCloud account. – Downcast App for iPhone

2 Podcaster 6 – iOS Podcast Manager

Podcaster 6 is the latest version of the Podcaster, podcast manager for iPhone. Easily sync your download podcasts using iTunes.

Once you subscribe to any podcast, Podcaster will automatically start downloading that podcast.

You can also adjust the speed rate of your podcasts that are being played, ranging from slow speeds to fast speeds.

You can also use the gesture controls to operate the podcasts. – Podcaster 6

3 iCatcher – iOS Podcast Player And Manager

With iCatcher, manage all your podcast subscriptions very easily. Using a Wi-Fi connection you can download up to 3 podcasts at the same time whereas in the cellular connection you add up to 2 simultaneous downloads.

iCatcher supports retina display which gives you a great view of this app. Using iCatcher you can also play your podcasts in the background.

iCatcher comes with VoiceOver support and one more great feature of iCatcher is that if you unsubscribed any podcast, still you have all the podcasts which you already downloaded previously in your system. – iCatcher! podcast app

4 Instacast – Podcasting App For iOS

One of the best podcast clients for iPhone is Instacast. Sync all your favorite podcasts with other iOS devices and also with Mac desktop.

The latest version of Instacast is compatible with iPhone 5 and provides multilingual support.

In the latest version of Instacast the consumption of battery is lowered for the longer playing of podcasts and you can also play podcasts in the background. – Instacast 4 – Podcast Client

5 Podcaster 4 – Best Podcast Starter Kits

Podcaster 4 comes with a lot of exciting features with one being “Over the Air”.

Not only play your favorite podcasts in the background, but you can also download podcasts in the background.

Enable Push Notifications to get the latest podcasts that are subscribed directly to your iPhone.

Now Subscribe, download and play audio and video podcasts without having to sync with a computer.

Have a look at the Podcast History to find out all the podcasts which you have downloaded, subscribed and unsubscribed.

You can set the refresh time and at that time podcasts will be refreshed and it will be seen if there are any new podcasts available. – Podcaster 4

6 Pocket Casts – Podcast Player For iPhone

Listen to your favorite radio episodes and podcasts using pocket casts. Pocket casts come with instant refresh feature which allows you to refresh your feeds and will let you know if there are new podcasts available.

Turn On Push Notifications so that you in future you don’t miss any new podcast update. You can download 2 podcasts at the same time using Pocket Casts.

Pocket Casts comes with a Quick skip feature which helps you to easily move forward and backward by just tapping on your iPhone. You can use Pocket Casts on your iPhone by paying $3.99. – Pocket Casts 4

7 Podcasts – Podcast Manager For iPhone

Podcasts is an official podcast manager for iPhone developed by Apple. Most of the podcast managers come with audio playback of podcasts but, using Podcasts you can also play video podcasts.

You will find a lot of podcasts in the podcasts app. Podcasts come with Top Charts section where you can have a look at all the podcasts which are most downloaded and played.

Download your favorite podcast episodes so that you can listen to them when you are offline, while you are traveling.

Sync podcasts from your iPhone to iTunes or you can also download your favorite podcasts on iTunes and then sync them into your iPhone using iTunes.

You can download this app for free from the Apple iTunes App Store.  – Podcasts for iPhone

8 Podcruncher Podcast App

Play podcasts by selecting different speed rates using Podcruncher Podcast App. You can create your own playlist and set the podcasts in the order you want them to listen to.

Use the Forward and Backward buttons to skip or listen again to podcasts. Podcruncher comes with dedicated buttons which will help you to listen to the next podcast episode or the previous one.

Enjoy your video podcasts in full screen by watching them in landscape mode.

You can also play video podcasts in the background while you are working on other applications. – PodCruncher podcast app

9 TuneIn Radio Pro – iOS Podcast Manager

Record your favorite podcasts using the TuneIn Radio Pro app. Most of the podcasts managers which we have discussed above provide many features for podcasts, but TuneIn Radio Pro provides great features for listening to the radio.

There are more than 70,000 radio channels and more than 2 million podcasts. TuneIn Radio Pro is the upgraded version of the TuneIn App.

Using the premium version you can create an account with and by logging in that account you can listen to your favorite podcasts or radio sessions, bookmark and save them. – TuneIn Radio Pro

10 Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Are you a TV show lover? If yes, use Stitcher Radio to listen to all your favorite TV show podcasts.

You will find a large number of TV show podcasts using this app. You can create our own custom stations.

In these stations, you can add your favorite podcasts and listen to them for continuous long hours.

Integrate your Facebook account with Stitcher Radio and share all your favorite podcasts with your friends, family, etc.

Get updated by taking a look at the breaking news section of this app, providing the latest news to you from all over the world.

Using the car model, you can use special buttons to manage stitcher radio. – Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

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