Point Inside – Indoor Smart Map Apps for iPhone and Android

Point Inside is an excellent new application which enables you to view maps of different places. But this isn’t the only factor which makes Point Inside so popular. Point Inside gives an insiders’ view of different malls, airports, and other indoor destinations. Being a free application, Point Inside can be accessed from your Android, iPad, iPod Touch and also iPhone.

Point Inside

With this new application, navigation, mapping and locating places have become much simpler and easier be it outdoor or indoor.

Features of Point Inside

  1. Details about the interior of malls and a concierge can be obtained in no time with the use of Point Inside.
  2. With the help of GPS system, Point Inside can find your location in seconds.
  3. Point Inside not only gives information about malls but also about events and promotions. You can even find information on where you can find an ATM or even bathroom.
  4. With the use of Point Inside you can also store information about phone numbers.
  5. You can also store your parking space number in case you have a habit of forgetting it.
  6. With no requirements of a network connection, you can view all the downloaded maps.
  7. You can locate even elevators, escalators and nearest shopping plazas.

Pros and Cons of Point Inside

Pros :

  1. The maps you access through Point Inside can be zoomed-in for a better view of your location and your destination.
  2. With the help of GPS system, Point Inside can find your location in seconds.
  3. It gives information not only about malls but also about events and promotions and many other kind of information.
  4. It can store information about phone numbers.
  5. It can also store your parking space number.
  6. You can view downloaded maps without resorting to any network connection.
  7. You can avail the features of Point Inside for free.
  8. Easy to Use
  9. Maps are made by Point Inside and are thus not cribbed.
  10. User Friendly
  11. Is useful for not just for shoppers but for travelers as well.
  12. Is useful for retailers as they can drive in the nearest shoppers to their stores.
  13. Information regarding different events can be uploaded through Point Inside.

Cons :

  1. It is not a universal application.
  2. Different versions are available for iPhone or iPod Touch and for iPad.
  3. Point Inside keeps updating the maps, thus a downloaded map can not always be correct if it has been downloaded over a long period of time.

Point Inside is indeed a revolutionary service which has helped a lot of shoppers and travelers. Since it is a free application, over the years its usage has increased tremendously.

Download : http://pointinside.com/

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