poMMo – versatile PHP based mass mailing software


poMMo is a versatile PHP based mass mailing software that allow you to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings. The software specially designed to be easy to use and powerful, it provides flexible Mailing Management that everyone needs – from Software Projects to Shoe Stores, to Marketing Firms, to pioneers of the Blogosphere. poMMo is written in PHP and freely provided under the GPL License.

poMMo - versatile PHP based mass mailing software

Features of poMMo

  1. Simple 2 minute web based installation — no “CRONJOB ” are required to install
  2. Per Page Support Documentation with user contributed notes
  3. Easy creation of subscriber groups
  4. Quickly Import and Export your subscriber base
  5. WYSIWYG HTML Mailing Creation
  6. Compatible with all common web hosts
  7. Intuitive Dialogs
  8. Drag and Drop Field Ordering
  9. Flexible collection of subscriber data through user defined “fields”
  10. Easily match the look of the subscription form to your website, or embed it in a existing page
  11. Themeable, Brandable mass mailing software
  12. Look and Feel controlled by SMARTY template files
  13. Multilanguage Supported
  14. Limit the sending of mails — throttle by hour, bytes, and domain limits.
  15. Messages (or redirect URL) on subscriber “subscription”, “un-subscription”, and “update” are easily changed
  16. AJAX based subscriber Management
  17. Create and mail subgroups of your subscribers based off their field values
  18. Personalize Mailings
  19. View and Reload sent mailings from the Mailing History page
  20. Mailings can be paused, resumed, and canceled “live”
  21. Mailings take place in the background — you can turn your computer OFF during a sending
  22. Fast lightweight framework — tiny session footprint, minimal file inclusions and parsing overhead
  23. Index optimizations result in lightning fast queries — even during complicated group filtering on large (70,000+) lists
  24. Send mailings through up to 4 SMTP relays simultaneously

Download : poMMo – PHP based mass mailing software

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