Pomodoro – The Best time manager for Mac

Pomodro is a Time managing desktop application designed for MAC users. The application is quite simple to use yet effective in managing the coding time. Pomodro is a unique desktop application that helps the user in managing the coding time.

Pomodoro time manager

The application stays on the computer’s status bar silently and can be managed and controlled by the keyboard of computer. The application powered by MAC can be started, stopped, paused, interrupted and resumed by the user. Users can start the application by downloading it (Pomodro), adding a description and pressing the ‘OK’ button.

The desktop application notifies the user about the schedules and events that has been fed by twitting, AppleScript adding, growls, etc. While the application starts, it notifies the exact time and details of the event.

In this way, it keeps the user focused all the time. Pomodro has a session stats button in the panel that consists of details regarding resets, session details, interruptions, etc.

The application can be customized accordingly and modified. Users can easily modify the interruptions, notifications, Pomodro default time, etc. Once the task is done, users can change the name provided in the backlog window. Pomodro keeps a track of every task done and the users can access those whenever needed.

Features of Pomodoro

  1. Easy to use desktop application- Pomodro is an easy to use desktop application to manage coding time.
  2. Based on Pomodro technique- The application powered by MAC is based on Pomodro technique, that is, a technique to reap maximum benefit by managing time efficiently.
  3. Control the application- Users can start, interrupt, stop, pause and resume the application (Pomodro) that resides on the status bar silently.
  4. Use of keyboard to manage Pomodro- Pomodro can be easily controlled using the keyboard operation and a single tap of button can perform the job.
  5. East to install and start- Pomodro is a very simple application that is easy to install and by simply adding a description and pressing the ‘OK’ button starts it.
  6. Notification through various modes- Pomodro specifically notifies the user from the feeds put through tweets, Growls, Apple script entry, spoken feeds, etc…
  7. Changing the name-while the user completes the Pomodoro, s/he can change its name provide in the backlog window.
  8. Saves the done tasks- Pomodoro does not delete the done tasks list from the system. It stores them for the users to access whenever needed. Users can delete the old tasks list by simply clicking on the ‘delete’ button.
  9. Details storing- Pomodoro stores all the details regarding resets, pomodoros, interruptions, etc. within the panel’s session stats tab.
  10. Fully Customizable- Pomodoro is fully customizable and users can change, disable or enable the interruptions, default time, (twits, apple script entry, growls, spoken) notifications according to their preference.

Based on Pomodoro technique of time management, the desktop application helps the user to stay focused in life by managing time efficiently.

Download: Pomodoro

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