pradoportal – PRADO framework based CMS/Portal system

pradoportal is an easy to use, simple CMS/Portal system based on PRADO PHP framework, where user can easily edit pages ‘visually’, instead of traditional systems where you need to go through long menus to add content.


The system allow you to create unlimited pages as you like, each pages have their own different layout and allow you to add as many Portlets (Content elements) as you like.

It’s an free and open source CMS/ Portal system released under GNU Lesser General Public License.

Features of pradoportal

  1. Unlimited number of pages.
  2. Unlimited number of layouts.
  3. Each page can have a different layout.
  4. Unlimited number of portlets per page.
  5. Permission system which controls the view/edit rights either pr. page or pr. role.
  6. Multi user support (only one user can edit a page).
  7. Multi language support.

Download : pradoportal

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