Project Analyzer – Visual Basic source code analyzer, optimizer and documenter

Project Analyzer is a Visual basic source code analyzer, optimizer and documenter. In other words, it’s a static code analyzer for VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Office VBA that detect quality control issues like dead code, un-optimal variable declarations, un-optimized syntax, memory leaks and functionality issues such as missing event handlers or questionable tab order from your project and instantly remove it. it help you to minimize your development cost and keep end-users happy by delivering high-quality VB applications with few errors.

Project Analyzer - Visual Basic source code analyzer

User can surf there code as hypertext and interactive call trees. View diagrams. Make sense of hopelessly complex monster projects and refactor them into modern systems. it automatically analyze the code and optimize to enforce coding standards and generate project documentation.

Features of Project Analyzer

  1. Automated Source code analyzer
  2. Office VBA project analyzer
  3. Automated dead code detection and removal
  4. Detection of functionality problems
  5. Flaw finder
  6. Memory leak prevention
  7. Optimization suggestions – Detect un-optimal statements and syntax, configurable
  8. Enforce coding standards by detecting programming style issues. Configurable.
  9. Detect duplicated and differing constants and enum constants
  10. Detect repeated string definitions
  11. View procedure call trees and file dependency trees in tree view or report format
  12. Cross-references – View references to any programming object to see where it is being used, view all references between two files, view references into/out of a file, view references by type.
  13. diagramming
  14. Simple reports – File list, Module list, Namespace list, Procedure list, Variables and constants list, Types, Enums and Aliases list, Dictionary
  15. Cross-reference based report – Cross-reference report, Need report, Executed by report, File dependency analysis, File dependency levels, Subsystem report, Variable use report, Non-cohesive classes report
  16. Module structure based reports – Module interface report, Module members report, Interface report
  17. user interface related reports – Menu report, Control report, Hotkey conflicts report, for VB 3-6 projects only
  18. Design quality report
  19. Summary report – Summarize the size of a project, a statistical information source of your efforts, metrics such as total lines of code
  20. Enhanced search for procedures, variables, constants, types, enums, code, comments or any text in a project
  21. Surf source code as hypertext where calls become clickable links to called object
  22. Print source code with syntax-aware highlighting in either color or monochrome
  23. Export source code as syntax-highlighted documents. Formats: PDF, RTF, HTML
  24. Easy to Analyze several projects together, including .vbg and .sln support

Limitations :

  1. Trial version – The Trial version is fully functional, but it works with a maximum of 10 source code files at a time. You can analyze VB’s sample projects or 10 files in your big project.

Download : Project Analyzer v9.0.10 for Visual Basic

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