Project Rome – content design creation and publishing tool by Adobe

Project Rome is an easy to use , all-round content design creation and publishing tool. Project ROME was developed by Adobe. It was proposed to apply creative tools as a software service. After comparing the development of Project Rome against newer projects development of Project ROME has been discontinued. Project Rome has been hugely popular for its unique functionalities. It can efficiently handle publication tasks.

Project Rome by Adobe

Project Rome has multiple publishing options. It is easy to use without complicated instructions. It has advanced features but anyone can become an expert in applying these tools in a few days. It allows you to merge different options and obtain novel effects. Tools for applying effects of graphics, photos, text, audio, video and animation has been incorporated into Project Rome. Project Rome allows you to build and issue a website. Animation of media objects is extremely easy.

There are many creative options that you can avail. You can communicate with the different multimedia based tools. Project Rome lets you make a blueprint of printed materials. Project Rome has a web-based version of the application and a download version. This unites the web world and the real world. The testing of Project Rome for Educative purposes has been stopped. But the commercial edition of Project Rome is freely available to the public.

Features of Project Rome

The key features of Project Rome can be divided in to four categories-

  1. Create- Project Rome is easy to start working with. It lets you do almost anything. You can make basic projects attractive with the comprehensive tools, supported media files and numerous options on publishing. You can choose starter templates to quickly build your projects. You can include media files like graphics, audio, video and text. You can generate your own animations and make your project interactive.
  2. Publish- You can easily export presentations, reports, animations and websites. Sharing is also easy. You can also print or publish all your outputs.
  3. Share- You can share your creations with your friends or colleagues. You can let others view your results through the Rome community or use external services. You can publish through the official website of Adobe or through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can view others results and post comments and participate in discussions in the Adobe Forum. You can also send or receive complete projects or individual media objects through the feature that allows object exchange.
  4. Work as you like- Rome is handy software that makes creation of media objects a simple task. Project Rome has a contextual user interface which lets you create content spontaneously and quickly. You can opt for the online or desktop version according to your convenience.

Project Rome is a basic tool that has renovated the level of content creation. Its unique feature lets you create media objects and projects which are interactive and eye-catching. It gives results of superior quality. Project Rome ensures 100% user satisfaction. You will surely love the experience once you try Project Rome.

Download : Project Rome by Adobe

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