ProjectPlace – The Best collaborative work management tool for Great Teams

ProjectPlace is the software that provides effective project collaboration via online but the only disadvantage of this software is its limited functionality. Features such as capacity planning, resource leveling and customization are not available.

ProjectPlace project collaboration tool

In-built version controls, document collaboration, help system and issue management are immense but it can never reach the level of MS project and several other software’s of online project management are also available.

Very basic tasks are provided by ProjectPlace. Only the three editions that are available are Team edition, Planner edition and Enterprise edition.

Management of portfolio, distribution of resources across multi-project and other projects are present only in the Enterprise edition.

ProjectPlace is not only time saving but also is effective for the activities of your day-to-day activities regarding project.

Very effective project collaboration is provided through the use of certain functions and tools that are not only user-friendly but also very effective.

The online service provided by ProjectPlace is not only very effective but also simple that enables an effective management of both multiple and single projects.

The installation process is very simple and there is no need for any costs of implementation or complicated installations and you can immediately start working on it after it is installed.

Schedules can be created as well as followed-up the schedules of projects, hold meetings and share documents online. You are absolutely free to collaborate with any number of members on your project from any nook and corner of the world.

No internet access is required and its use is ideal for the members of project groups who are located in far-off places.

Features of ProjectPlace

  1. Share and Collaborate
  2. Microsoft office Integration for provide quick and easy document management service.
  3. Online Meetings
  4. keep everyone informed and increase team communication.
  5. inform, ask questions or have discussions in the conversations tool
  6. Easy to share photos, documents, links even Videos also allow to share.
  7. # Hash tag keyword to track all earlier conversations referencing this word .
  8. Easy to use “@” Tag with name of the team member to directly interact with them.
  9. New Facebook inspired Like features to encourage Positive behavior on conversation.
  10. Changes can be easily tracked by you regarding weekly and daily Activity Reports, Red Flags and Document History.
  11. Invite external as well as internal people from anywhere and they can be placed in different groups.
  12. Send text messages or e-mails from the system to several members directly.
  13. Access rights can be set up and groups are also created using specific tools.

ProjectPlace is software that is very useful for online collaboration. All the tasks are managed very timely through the use of this software. Collaboration of projects is also very useful features of this one. So many businesses are opting for this software.

Download : projectplace

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