ProofHQ – Online proofing made simple

ProofHQ is an online proofing system, which helps you to proof documents and content. In addition, it also helps you to manage document reviews and approve them without any difficulty. The ProofHQ tool is also used to send proofing documents and results through your emails.


This application makes proofing content and documents easier and much convenient. You can easily proof many documents and files at ease through this application. It reduces your effort and costs of proofing many assignment contents. It facilitates the proofing management and the approval sending work easily. You can proof and get approvals easily through this application.

This application is widely used by graphic designers, advertising agencies, content management companies and many others. You can sort and manage documents, reviews and then accordingly proof and get approvals at a single go. The ProofHQ is designed to make the process of getting finished work, readily proofed and approved. The application reduces the extra effort and once you proof files here, you need not go through another approval process just because of the efficiency of this product.

The ProofHQ came into being through the set of developed and experienced web developers and graphic art designers. This application is created as an effective tool for the reviewing work people always go through. This application is continuously developed and improved to give you the best of the services and information to people. With the increasing base of clientele and customers adhering to this application and product, the ProofHQ has become more widely used and popular over times. The clientele has a good use of this product, which you can easily see in their feedback tag where users from across the world post their comments regarding the use of this application product.

Features of ProofHQ

  1. Easy feedback: you can work with this application without any sort of guide. This application is easy and you can even easily comment on proofs of others.
  2. Easy collaboration: you can easily reply to comments of your colleagues and comment on others reviews. Likewise, you can increase the communication and collaboration with your readers.
  3. Review approvals: you can invite people to review your project and documents at ease. You can receive alerts when someone comments on your projects and approves them. You can easily review approvals of your documents and invite reviewers to make good decisions regarding your documentations.
  4. Multi featured: with this single application, you can easily create proofs of different file types. You can proof any sort of file type without having to download other supporting application. Files including PDF, JPEG, Word, PowerPoint, PNG, GIF and many other files types are easily supported by this application. Apart from that audiovisual file types like MPG, this application tool also reviews AVI and MOV easily.
  5. Simple working scenario: with the multi-featured application, you can easily manage your workflow and different projects. You can easily drive out different projects and document contents at ease without having to switch to different applications. This tool also helps you to get your work done fast and effectively.

With the diverse features and benefits, ProofHQ stands apart from its competitors and lets you use this application more effectively and easily.

Download : ProofHQ

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