ProsePoint Online newspaper and magazine software

Prosepoint is web based CMS for newspapers and magazines. It is an open source software and efficient in content management for newspapers. You can upload articles, edit them online and compile stories into separate editions. It has a User friendly web interface which specially designed for new publication houses as well. Prose point takes full control of the editing chores and lets you breathe easy.


Prosepoint basically performs the job of a content manager for your newspaper website. you needs to be download and installed into your server . It has all the functionalities of managing a newspaper website. Users who have prior knowledge of handling Drupal applications find it easier to tackle Prosepoint. The Prosepoint factory provides added professional support to websites with commercial consultations.

It also offers several customization alternatives. Prosepoint Express is the latest product for publication houses websites. Prosepoint Express is an improvement of the original product Prosepoint. Prosepoint Express has been developed for inexperienced users. It does not require any previous knowledge of programming. It is sleek and handy. Presently all the features of Prosepoint have not been incorporated in Prosepoint Express. For exclusive customization options for your website you can contact the owners of Prosepoint directly. They provide specific customization option as per specific requirement.

Features of Prosepoint

Prosepoint boasts of the following unique features-

  1. Newspaper and magazine centric data architecture- You can assimilate stories in to different editions. Editions define the version of a series that is being published. You can determine which story you want to be there in a particular edition.
  2. Wysiwyg editing- You can simply edit stories using Prosepoint. Prosepoint technology has integrated features of TinyMCE which is a rich text editor. This had added consistency to Prosepoint.
  3. Native management of images- Images are considered as part of the content. They can be edited and resized as per requirement.
  4. Native management of media files – Prosepoint has integrated features of a manager of media files like audio and video files.
  5. Social network friendly links- Readers and users can add a link or bookmark your stories to pages on a social networking site.
  6. Search engine friendly- Prosepoint makes your website search engine friendly. It increases your website traffic by generating top ranks for your website in a search engine result. It adds sensitive and uncomplicated web address to attract more viewers to your website.
  7. Highly extendable- You can opt for added features by incorporating open source Drupal 6 modules along with Prosepoint. These are easily available and cone free of cost.
  8. Free and open source- You do not need to spend a fortune to avail the various features of Prosepoint. It is licensed under GPL2 and many other open source licenses.

Prosepoint is the perfect manager for your newspaper and magazine website. It looks after all jobs simultaneously. It guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Download : ProsePoint Online newspaper and magazine software

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