Cash Flow Management make easy with Pulse app

Pulse app is an efficient software for online cash flow management. It allows you to organize your income instantly. Pulse app is suited for small businesses and freelancers, also web development organizations, salons, for photographers etc. Pulse app is an all-round software that besides managing your accounts also lets you take your own decisions whenever the need arises. You can hire new stuff for your company or make big or small investments. Pulse app helps you start a project or finish another. Pulse app is a basic software. You do not need to go through complicated instructions to learn to use Pulse app.

Cash Flow Management - pulse

Pulse app lets you supervise flow of cash into your business on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis as per your requirement. You can sort your income and expenses under company name or projects. Pulse app generates reports on the basis of cash flow. When you analyze them you are competent to take the future decisions of your company.

You can upload important documents related to your income and expenses to efficiently track all aspects of cash flow into your company. You can add relevant details to the statements so that your colleagues can refer to them when required. You can export details about your cash flow as a CSV file. Pulse app allows import of projects and files from Basecamp and Highrise. Before subscribing for the paid versions you can use the 30 day trial version. There are 2 paid versions costing $12 and $24 a month. You will have to sigh up for a registered account at pulse Pulse app receives online payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Features of pulse app

  1. Pulse app is a web-based application that just requires a browser and internet connection. You do not have to go through the time-consuming process of downloading or installing any software.
  2. Pulse app is pocket-friendly. It does not require huge investments. It has a low price compared to the wide range of services it provides.
  3. Cash flow can be viewed in many ways- weekly, monthly or as a list.
  4. You can effortlessly add income and expenses to your list. You can also save your documents as CSV files.
  5. Pulse app lets you classify your income and expenses as projects or companies.
  6. You can rapidly visualize your cash flow by skipping through the past and future weeks.
  7. You can have a daily overview of your income and expenses.
  8. You can select an array of data to view cash flow related to it.
  9. You can give tiles to your income and expenses item.
  10. You can add the details about each payment or deposit made such as amount, date, memo and repeat options. You can view these details later. You can also simply view the schedule for payments and deposits.
  11. Analyze your cash flow by generating reports that also includes graphical representations. This analysis helps you judge the progress of your business.

Pulse app is a great software to manage your income and expenses. You can add your co-workers so that they can actively participate in studying the cash flow in your company.

Download : Pulse- Cash Flow Management

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