PunBB – PHP based discussion board

PunBB is a lightweight PHP based Discussion board that specially designed for give you faster, smaller and less graphically intensive discussion board as compared to other discussion boards. It provide fewer features as compared to other discussion boards, but is generally provide faster and outputs smaller, semantically correct XHTML-compliant pages for your discussion board.

PunBB - PHP based discussion board

PunBB is a perfect solution for those users who wants a minimal set of features so it works pretty fast, and even you can add any mods easily. PunBB is written in PHP and also requires a database in which all forum data is stored. For that purpose PunBB supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Features of PunBB:

  • Do not waste user’s data on any kind of errors
  • simple layout and design
  • easy to administrate and moderate
  • does not output huge, non-valid, (X)HTML pages
  • source code you could read and understand easily
  • Highlight the incorrectly filled fields in the forms.
  • Refine search
  • allow user to remove his own account from the forum

Download: PunBB discussion board

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