PushButton Engine – Component based flash game development framework for building Flash games

PushButton Engine is a free Component based flash game framework for building flash games. There are lots of great libraries and component available for Flash game development. PushButton Engine makes it easy to bring those libraries and components together to build your flash games.

pushbutton-engine - flash game development framework

Currently PushButton Engine provide 5 useful components such as :

  1. Box2D : Box2D is one of the best physics libraries out there for Flash. PushButton Engine comes with it already integrated for you. It allow you to handle events when entities collide. Set up complex playfields using physical behaviors. Quickly pull up debug visualizations so you can tell if things are working right.
  2. PushButton Networking components : PushButton Networking Components integrates with the open source PushButton Engine to provide powerful networking capabilities for Flash games.
  3. Rendering2D Components : Rendering2D is a common ground for systems like Flint, Box2D, Motor, and more to collaborate. Working as a 2d scene graph, it gives you just enough abstraction and common ground to wire everything together in a clean way.
  4. Component Pack: State Machine and Health : It’s a free bonus pack that give you two useful building blocks for your game: a health component and a finite state machine. Both of these components are heavily used in the upcoming game, Grunts. Every game needs to track health. The health component does all the book-keeping for you.
  5. Google Spreadsheet Tweaker : Developer can easily grab data from a Google Spreadsheet and plug it in your game makes it possible to build better games faster. A spreadsheet is easy for anyone to use. Google Spreadsheets are even better because they require no installation. They are versioned, and they are collaborative. They can even be accessed by other applications on the web.

Developer can Spend less time on code, more time on building your flash games. It’s an open source project released under MIT License.

Download : http://pushbuttonengine.com/download/

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