qOrganizer – A personal organizer for student

qOrganizer is an easy to use personal organizer for student that include a calendar with schedule,reminders,journal/notes for every day, to-do list and etc… it has some useful features which specially designed for student such as timetable, a booklet for marks and absences.


features of qOrganizer

  1. Innovative user interface specially designed to be clear and simple
  2. Auto save functionality for Automatic saving of all your data.
  3. Loud reminders
  4. A rich text journal for everyday in which you can even drag and drop images
  5. Searching through every entry in the journal and in the schedules
  6. A clear and simple to-do list
  7. A flexible timetable for students which even supports different content for odd and even weeks
  8. A student booklet in which the user can keep track of the marks he gets in school, it even calculates averages and stores the date when the mark was given.It also contains absences too.
  9. The capability to print any page (the calendar, the to-do list, the timetable and the booklet are separate pages)
  10. The capability to choose the storing mode: text files, sqlite database or MySQL database over the network.
  11. The capability to upload the stored data to an FTP server and download it. This is useful, because the user can access the data wherever he is.
  12. Ability to save between storing modes(so the risk of data loss is even lower)
  13. Maximal configurability
  14. Multilanguage support

Download : qOrganizer

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