Querious – MySQL database management tool for Mac OS X

If you are of the opinion that working on MySQL is very difficult, Querious solves your problems. For Mac OS X users, Araelium Group introduces this easy-to-use database management software on a MySQL platform. Once you have database created in MySQL, you can use Querious to import, modify, export and share the database.

Querious MySQL database management tool

The biggest advantage that Querious has over other MySQL based database management software’s is its simple usability. Thus, the Araelium Group come to save the save day again for people who find MySQL based interfaces difficult.

Querious, in spite of being MySQL based, runs on Mac OS X just like any other Mac application. It is fed with a simple set of working algorithms that lets you store and manage your data. Once the database has been stored in Querious, you can easily search it and browse for the information you are looking for.

Using Querious, you can open different file formats like files of the type – Comma Separated Values (CSV) or a simple Tab file in the form of a spreadsheet. You can also save files in the formats supported by Querious as per your requirement. Security of your data is a very important issue, and thus, needs to be looked into with utmost attention. Querious supports direct connections to MySQL over SSL and SSH tunneling using authenticated passwords or keys as set by the user. The database can be made viewable and modifiable to multiple users. The users are chosen by the main creator. The creator can also set particular portions to each user. In this way, management of different data stays exclusive, and at the same time, organized.

Features of Querious

Being MySQL based, Querious has a number of unique features:

  1. If you want to transfer data in the form of rows you can easily do it in Querious, by transporting each row/column as CSV or Tab file.
  2. Querious has a Query View column that stores all the common queries you faced in recent usage of the data.
  3. You can import or export files in Querious, in the formats supported by it, as you want.
  4. The Help option provides you with information regarding how to create and modify information tables.
  5. Querious displays indexes and keys in a form that you can identify and recognize, without having to know about the internal coding of the database management system.
  6. Querious has number of logical operators that help you design your table, your rows and columns and modify them easily.
  7. In Querious, you can perform “custom queries”, which lets you check for the solution of a certain bug which has happened in the past, and thus, can be solved with the same series of changes.

Querious has a very intelligent internal code that makes the user’s life much easier while managing data. Although it is runs on MySQL, it is not necessarily difficult to use as one might think it to be. Querious is rather one of the most user-compatible database management software’s present today.

Download : Querious MySQL database management tool

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