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Questionform is an easy to use, user-friendly application to build, publish and evaluate online forms and surveys. You can easily do it without knowing HTML or any other coding languages. Simply drags items and drop it to the place you want, and your question form is ready.


You can easily create plenty of surveys or forms and destroy them effortlessly. Added to that, you can easily amend and edit them easily. The fast desktop-type interface of this application helps in developing the forms in no time at all.

Questionform is a useful tool that helps in creating various forms and surveys by just ‘click, drag and drop’ activity. You can easily use it to create various questionnaires and forms with the tools provided. You can enter the text field, where you can keep a single answer question. The multiple-choice field is to insert multiple-choice questionnaires. The star-rating field is for rating the questionnaire.

The list field is to select one (or multiple) element/s from the given options. The country select field is for selecting the country, and so on. You can also add video or audio or your comments/ footnote etc. if you want. Each tool of Questionform is very easy to handle and use. Questionform is a very necessary application for the advertisement research work, for students project surveys, media surveys and for various other fields.

Features of Questionform

  1. Create customized questionnaire forms and surveys – Question form is easy to use application where the user can easily create and publish questionnaire forms and surveys as per their need.
  2. Numerous Tools and features – The application has plenty of tools and features, which are quite helpful to create different types of questionnaire forms and surveys.
  3. Color scheme and layout design – The user can easily choose the color scheme and can design the layout of your survey and form.
  4. Multi-lingual – The application can be used to convert the questionnaires, forms or surveys in the language/s according to your preference.
  5. Numerous page surveys within least possible time – You can easily create numerous page surveys are questionnaire forms within least possible time.
  6. Free Version – The application is available for absolutely free. Just download it to use. However, you can upgrade it with flexible monthly fee plans for more facilities.

The USP of Questionform lies in its vast number of tools it comes with. Though there are other poll/survey applications available in the market, but the virtues of Questionform keeps it much ahead than its contemporaries when it comes to usability.

Download : Questionform

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