Quick.Cart – freeware shopping cart

Out of the various shopping cart software’s available in the web, Quick.cart is one of the best options to use. It is small, free, simple and most importantly supports many languages.

Quick.CartIt also has a number of attractive options such as hassle free to install, XHTML 1.1 based and very compatible. WAI compliant and has a number of other features.

The most beneficial aspect about Quick.cart is that its team offers all round support whenever you require.

It is extremely simple and has varied features that offer great deal of help to both the venture owners and the customers. With Quick.cart it is extremely easy to place orders, and also is very easy to edit the scripts and all.

Features of Quick.Cart

  1. Standards validation – Valid CSS, valid XHTML 1.1, supports the encoding of UTF-8, performs the task of accurate error reporting with E_ALL in PHP, MVC (Model View Control) architecture based.
  2. Easy to modify CSS and HTML – Provide an easy and simple customization of scripts. Almost all the significant changes are made in the CSS file provided.
  3. Requirements are pretty small – This specific software is PHP 5.2.0 based and is built on modern platform. It also contains the GD2 library and is well equipped with it. Global registers are provided by it and it can also work in the safe mode.
  4. SEO support – The following are the aspects that you can change and they are the URL address, page title, META description and keywords for each and every page and the product.
  5. Management of languages – It is possible to add scripts as well as independent versions in various languages. It is possible for you to end a particular thing to one customer in one version of language and another thing to that same customer in another language. This shows the rich set of languages supported by it. Through a single script all these are implemented.
  6. Easy backing – Quick.cart enables the feature of backing up all your important emails to a local drive so that you don’t face any possibilities of data loss.
  7. Astounding abilities to modify – You will have the ability of customizing each page differently. You will even have the ability of assigning different banners to the individual product s too.
  8. Mobile version – With Quick.cart you will have the added benefit of hosting your page in the cellular version too.
  9. Support – Quick.cart has an effective support team that helps you 24X7. If you require any support just call up the team and they would be there to support you.
  10. Vast experience – Quick.Cart has a market experience of 6 years and in these 6 years; it has associations with over 6000 websites. Experience speaks for itself as why quick cart is highly rated.

Quick.Cart is the best choice for online shopping. It’s simple to setup, flat-file database, easy customization of all the templates and extreme quick work enables the script to be extremely useful.

Download : Quick.Cart

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