Quick.Cms.Lite – flat file based simple CMS


Quick.Cms.Lite is one of the smallest, smartest and most simple light weighted flat file based Content Management Systems.

Quick.Cms.Lite - flat file based CMS

It’s based on the flat files database and doesn’t required a MySQL database as it writes page data directly to a flat file instead of MySQL database on the web server.This simplifies the installation and backups, and also makes Quick.Cms.Lite a low cost option on web hosts which charge extra for database access.

It offers many useful features such as easy to setup and install, database based on Flat Files, XHTML 1.1 compliant pages, WAI compliant, Pages and subpages management, images and files management, very easy to customize, Light box for images, good support via email and forums, WYSIWYG editor, SEO tools, no limit pages depth, no limit images per page and many more.

Quick.Cms.Lite is a freeware application release under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5.

Download : Quick.Cms.Lite

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