Quillpad – online Indian language typing tool

Quillpad is an online Indian language-typing tool that help you to type in different languages and create fonts with these languages. For example, if you type ‘app kaha hai’ in Hindi, the Quillpad will change the line in Devanagari script. Apart from that, you can change the text in different languages you like.

You get different options for the different languages of India, and as such, you can effectively create text in any India language. The tool includes around 10-12 languages for your benefit. The application is very useful in getting your text in your own language without any problem. Apart from that, you can also share your documents text with other people and invite them to use that application at ease.

This application is effective and useful for people who do not understand other languages then their own native language. The Quillpad is good for creating text and scripts as well as any documentation in the Indian languages. The languages effective in this tool are Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Nepali. You do not need to use any shortcuts to get these languages for creating text. You can also type English text in the middle of the Hindi text without any problem.

Quillpad has been over the ties created a massive popularity and usage due to its effectiveness. As the application tool supports different languages for people, you can easily create texts and change to the script language you need to. Apart from that, you can also edit documents in the document editor space and manage the text accordingly.

You can sort out the text effectively and then make proper sentences by editing. This facility allows you to make easy documents in your language and share it with people. The application has gained popularity in its years. It is widely used by different clients across the country for its easy documentation and text formation. The websites and clients who need to make text in the languages offered here use this application easily to make texts and formats.

Internet Explorer supports the application effectively with Unicode maintenance. The different applications also supports this tool, though the applications, which do not have the selection of these languages, like Microsoft Word does not supports them. You can make the languages, translate them in the text box itself, and then send them to wherever you want. Although in some cases, Word supports, you do not get the editing and management of the text in it. As such, this application proves useful for editing and formatting text the way you want it.

Features of Quillpad

  1. it is easy to use due to its editor guidance you get and the free demo tour, which guides you how to use it.
  2. the efficient application easily translates the documents and texts to the languages you want.
  3. Spelling efficiency – you can effectively write text in transliterated language in English, and the application will translate that into the script language you want.

Download : Quillpad online Indian language typing tool

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