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GK Quiz on Technology:- The world is becoming more competitive with each passing day. And if you want your kids to grow, they must be up to date with the latest information and facts.

One of the best ways to help your kids learn and improve their knowledge is using Quizzes related to computers and ITes to improve their technical knowledge.

We have collected a list of some important quizzes related to Technology to help your kids understand something unique and new.

Test your knowledge about modern technology with our 30 technology-based quizzes and have some nerdy fun.

Because everything tech, from computers and the internet to software and big data, changes rapidly every day, it must stay updated with the modern technology that dominates our modern-day lives.

So are you ready to take a quiz on what’s happening in the tech industry today? Let’s take the General Knowledge Quiz on Computer and Information Technology to test your kid’s computer knowledge.

GK Quiz on Technology | Science and Technology Question

  • Question of

    When was electrical engineering started?

    • 1864
    • 1990
    • 1960
    • 1965
  • Question of

    Who is the founder of electrical engineering?

    • Michael Faraday
    • Nikola Tesla
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Roger Sherman
  • Question of

    What contains only one type of information?

    • field
    • Input
    • Text Box
    • Text Area
  • Question of

    db’ computer abbreviation usually means

    • Database
    • databank
    • diskbank
    • directbank
  • Question of

    ‘OS’ computer abbreviation usually means

    • Operating System
    • Outstanding system
    • Overall System
    • Operating Sign
  • Question of

    What is a single piece of data called in a database?

    • Data Elements
    • Table
    • Field
    • Text field
  • Question of

    In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?

    • 1900s
    • 1860s
    • 1999s
    • 1996s
  • Question of

    ‘.MOV’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

    • Image file
    • Animation/movie file
    • Audio file
    • MS Office document
  • Question of

    Most modern TV’s draw power even if turned off. The circuit the power is used in does what function?

    • Sound
    • Remote control
    • Color balance
    • High voltage
  • Question of

    Which is a type of Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory?

    • Flash
    • Flange
    • Fury
    • FRAM
  • Question of

    The purpose of choke in tube light is ?

    • To decrease the current
    • To increase the current
    • To decrease the voltage momentarily
    • To increase the voltage momentarily
  • Question of

    ‘.MPG’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

    • MS Office Document File
    • Image File
    • WordPerfect Document File
    • Media File
  • Question of

    Who is the Founder of Yahoo?

    • Jerry Yang and David Filo
    • Elon Musk
    • Bill Gates
    • Larry Page
  • Question of

    How many types of computers are there?

    • 5
    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
  • Question of

    The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for…?

    • Video Home System
    • Very high speed
    • Video horizontal standard
    • Voltage house standard
  • Question of

    What does VVVF stand for?

    • Variant Voltage Vile Frequency
    • Variable Velocity Variable Fun
    • Very Very Vicious Frequency
    • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency
  • Question of

    What frequency range is the High Frequency band?

    • 100 kHz
    • 1 GHz
    • 30 to 300 MHz
    • 3 to 30 MHz
  • Question of

    Who is Founder of ISRO?

    • Vikram Sarabhai
    • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    • C. V. Raman
    • Satyendra Nath Bose
  • Question of

    Who is the original inventor of Global Positioning System (GPS)?

    • Roger Lee Easton, Sr.
    • Marie Curie
    • Charles Darwin
    • Louis Pasteur
  • Question of

    ‘.INI’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

    • Image file
    • System file
    • Hypertext related file
    • Image Color Matching Profile file
  • Question of

    Who created Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)?

    • Phil Zimmermann
    • Tim Berners-Lee
    • Marc Andreessen
    • Ken Thompson
  • Question of

    ‘.TMP’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

    • Compressed Archive file
    • Image file
    • Temporary file
    • Audio file
  • Question of

    What does AM mean?

    • Angelo marconi
    • Anno median
    • Amplitude modulation
    • Amperes
  • Question of

    In what year was the “@” chosen for its use in e-mail addresses?

    • 1976
    • 1972
    • 1900
    • 1985
  • Question of

    “FET” is a type of transistor, Its full name is ________ Effect Transistor…?

    • Field
    • Factor
    • Flash
    • Force
  • Question of

    What are three types of lasers?

    • Gas, metal vapor, rock
    • Pointer, diode, CD
    • Diode, inverted, pointer
    • Gas, solid state, diode
  • Question of

    What will a UPS be used for in a building?

    • To provide power to essential equipment
    • To monitor building electricity use
    • To carry messages between departments
    • To control lighting and power systems
  • Question of

    Who built the world’s first binary digit computer: Z1…?

    • Konrad Zuse
    • Ken Thompson
    • Alan Turing
    • George Boole
  • Question of

    What is the theory of Satyendra Nath Bose?

    • Theory of relativity
    • Theory of Computation
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Theory of Time Dilation
  • Question of

    Who is the father of quantum statistics?

    • S. N. Bose
    • Isaac Newton
    • Charles Darwin
    • Louis Pasteur

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