QuizSnack free online poll and survey tool

Quizsnack is a free online poll and survey tool whose usability is quite easy and is easily understood by everyone. There is no need to have any prior knowledge regarding the software and in spite of that several market oriented queries can be answered after the explicit usage of this tool. The results generated after the usage of this tool is instant the reports obtained are also easy to comprehend and they are pretty simple too.

QuizSnack online poll & survey tool

The look and feel of the poll can be easily customized and can be easily suited to meet the specification of the user. The suitable language can also be chosen for your web-site. The easy-to-use facility of Quizsnack enables its usage. Quizsnack is used by each and every person according to their needs. Certain users may use it to create a quiz show on their own while some others may use it for the purpose of online survey.

Features of Quizsnack

  1. The look and feel of your poll as well as social widgets can be easily customized in-order to meet the specific need of users.
  2. Use the language as desired by the user.
  3. Quizzes can easily embed in the website of the user.
  4. Security of data is guaranteed in this tool.
  5. Snack tools and the several options related to it : Banner Snack is a banner that allows the creation flash content and several other banners online. The speeds at which the flash contents are created are extremely fast. Gif banners can be created freely via this banner and can be even downloaded at a rapid speed. Although the downloading feature has some limitations but if they are overcome it makes the process of downloading very easy.
  6. PhotoSnack : Photos can be added with a tremendous speed using this facility and in addition to its music can be added too along with some galley of photos. The photos can shared with the near and dear ones. The most amazing thing about this feature is that all the work can be done on the photos are absolutely free i.e., you are not required to pay any-thing for its usage.
  7. PODSnack : PodSnack enables the creation of custom players and is a three step process that is involved to create custom players. The selection of type of player to be used is the first step; addition of your desired song is the second step while its customization is the third step.
  8. TubeSnack : TubeSnack allows the creation of customized videos online by making use of the links that connects various videos on the YouTube. Thus, it is the creator of video playlists. Multiple videos can be shared as well as their recommendation is possible through the extensive of TubeSnack. Thus it enables your near and dear ones to watch a long queue of videos at a time. The features provided by TubeSnack are elegant and majestic and it thus provides stylish and attractive skins.

Thus, for all these features Quizsnack is gaining its popularity day-by-day and its usage are also widespread now-a-days.

Download : QuizSnack free online poll and survey tool

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