Quotero – Fully open source DMS based on service oriented architecture

Quotero WEB RGBQuotero is the document management system (DMS) whose aim is to provide its users with the easiest as well as the most powerful document production application. The principle mission of Quotero is to make operations like producing and accessing documents, which are highly frequent tasks in modern organizations, easier.

Quotero improves and speeds up the procedure of processing and sending documents to the colleagues, customers and partners in a easy, safe and reliable way thus helping the customer save the time that is usually wasted in retrieving, editing and sending these documents. Quotero offers new ways of using document management systems and supplies the user powerful and trustworthy solutions for simplifying document management.

Features of Quotero

  1. Quotero is completely Open Source. It offers various innovative and authoritative features. Quotero’s ecosystem is based on its customers who work with the system everyday, find and report innovative features and solutions, communities with registered developers and partners who provide regional support worldwide,
  2. Quotero shares information with its customers, community and partner networks to build better solutions.
  3. Quotero helps users access collaborative features straight from the desktop and respective Microsoft Office environments.
  4. Quotero allows its customers to set their own metadata mapping, folder structure and workflow architecture. Indexing and search system is a key feature of the document repository in Quotero. Each document is provided with a elaborate index as well as the content and the metadata. Users can combine several search criteria and then proceed to Quotero.
  5. Quotero for Office brings all the power of Quotero straight within the Microsoft Office structure.
  6. Quotero for Office makes documents checking/checkout automatic and does not require any action on the part of the user. As soon as a Microsoft Office document is opened it is automatically locked and other users can only access it in read-only mode. Other users can modify the document only when it is automatically unlocked after the document is closed.
  7. Quotero for Office makes the version control system simpler dramatically.

The Quotero team offers a huge variety of services and solutions. The engineers team is there to assist the users in making their DMS projects safe and successful.

Download : Quotero

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