Quoterobot – Proposal Template Designer

You create a design proposal with specific details and quotes such that it gets a high degree of acceptance among your clients. With the help of Quoterobot a proposal template designer, you can easily create your design proposal that is attractive and lucrative. It has an extremely user-friendly interface where you can quickly create web design proposals and send them to your clients for their approval.

Quoterobot Proposal Template

If you require professional proposals, Quoterobot also does that with equal ease. It ensures that none of your precious time is wasted by providing you a readymade interface from where you can drag and drop quotes to your proposal. Quoterobot is a superlative quote generation tool with a simplistic design reflected by its easy to use interface.

You will not lose out on your precious time in fabricating a proposal by inventing quotes and jotting them down as Quoterobot offers you a vivid library of quotations from where you can drag and drop quotes that suffice your need. It is equipped with an in-built storage space that keeps track of your previous selections and notifies you of the same. Its knowledgebase is quite astounding as it suggests quotes in certain situations.

It helps you in creating a future proposal. You can send your web design proposal via e-mails or in the form of a PDF to your clients, discuss with them online and receive instant feedback from them. You can also keep track of your clients through this interface. As you begin your proposal creation procedure, Quoterobot offers you suggestions based on your previous quotes. This feature saves your time as this helps you to avoid typing the same quotes repeatedly. Thus a multi-page design proposal is a matter of few minutes with Quoterobot.

Features of Quoterobot – Proposal Template Designer

The designers of Quoterobot have made it as simple as possible such that you are met with no discrepancies. They have equipped it with the following utility features that enhance your productivity.

  1. “Autocomplete Quoting,” which means you start creating your proposal; essentially, when you begin typing, this interface suggests you with the quote according to your previous selections.
  2. You can keep track of your clients by storing them all in one central space called “Track.” The “Track” wins or loses based on which one your clients accept or rejects your proposal, respectively.
  3. Quoterobot generates a simple but effective quote that goes a long way in acceptance of your proposal.
  4. You can send “web quotes” to your clients, converse with them online about it such that they can make comments on your quotes and areas in which you need to improve.
  5. You can fabricate a proposal in a matter of minutes.
  6. You can choose which pages should appear in your quote, then drag and drop onto a canvas and compile.
  7. It has a very useful knowledgebase that offers unlimited quotes for selection.

Time is of utmost importance to you. At Quoterobot, this problem is well addressed as it is designed with the principal aim of time utilization. With it, you can fabricate a beautiful quote in minutes that is indeed a great help.

Download: QuoteRobot

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