R Lite – SaaS based Recruitment software for business enterprises

R- Lite is a SaaS dependent Recruitment software or Talent acquisition solution which helps the user to organize and control the whole hiring process. From requisition to job offers, the application handles every task efficiently and helps in cutting down the time and effort in the hiring process.

R- Lite is an easy to use cost-effective solution for the employee hiring in any enterprise that saves the time, effort and cost of the enterprise while into the hiring process. The application is a third generation web-based software solution that provides accurate results in no time.

The application is also lightweight and occupies less space in the portal. The application delivers an intuitive & dependable platform that suits various types of staffing solutions, weather temporary, permanent or contractual, for various types and kinds of enterprises. The application centralizes the data and organizes it so that the users can access a single area to gather all information related to staffing.

The smart tools and features manages and displays the data in such a way that it is understandable by its users. Any applicant’s application and client’s requirement is received by R- Lite. From there, the HR matches the required skills for the applicants and client’s need and puts it into a matched list. From matched list, it is delivered into the call log or calling list. If required, HR sends a personalized mail to the client or the applicant, schedule interview and put the applicant (if selected) into On-boarding list.

Features of R Lite

  1. Easy to add, update, modify or delete requirements- The application, R-Lite, can be easily used to add, update, modify or delete staffing requirements for any enterprise.
  2. Assign requirement- If the user wants to assign a staffing requirement, he or she can easily do that using this staffing solution with the requirement available.
  3. Search requirement- By this tool, users can search accurately for any staffing requirement with the feature to browse easily through the database.
  4. Group requirements searching- The staffing solution helps the user to group the requirements through easy searching.
  5. Add or set new applicant’s data from the requirements log- Easily add or set new applicant’s data from the requirements log page.
  6. Easily search using job ID and title- Users or recruiters can search for any applicant using job ID and title and can access the applicant’s details.
  7. Assign comments- For easy reference, the recruiters can put some comments with the applicant or group of applicants so that when their details are accessed for the next time, they can easily identify the applicant.

R-lite staffing solution is a very cost effective tool for staffing and recruitment related services. The application is ideal for any industry type, and can work well even with small and medium scale enterprises. Though not an ideal replacement for the human recruiters, it can definitely make staffing and recruitment process easy with its intuitive tools and features. Needless to mention, the application can gain its popularity with its cost-effectiveness and usability compared to other staffing solutions.

Download : R-Lite

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