RadRails – open source IDE for Ruby and Rails applications

RadRails 2 is a free, open source Integrated development environment (IDE) for developing web application based on Ruby and Rails framework . It was specially designed to provide everything that Rails developers need to develop, manage, test and deploy their applications, like it support for project navigation, smart code assistance, visual debugging and structure outlining. The RadRails IDE is built on the Eclipse RCP and also uses the RDT and Subclipse as plugin.

Aptana RadRails 2

Features of RadRails

  1. Code Assist : Provide Unified, deep support for Ruby, Rails, RHTML, JS, HTML and CSS structure, methods, elements, properties, tags & attributes. Helpful information about the element also shown.
  2. Integrated Debugger : Set breakpoints, inspect variables, control execution. The integrated Ruby & Rails debugger helps you squash those bugs.
  3. Real-time, Wiki-based online help; IDE translated into multiple languages
  4. Syntax coloring : Customize syntax highlighting by colorizing various types of code and data types in your editors.
  5. Outlining : View and navigate the structures in your file using this hierarchical outline of your Ruby or HTML page. Select nodes to jump to that location in the editor. Filter nodes to see collections that match patterns.
  6. Powerful Search : Flexible search tools help you quickly pinpoint patterns across one or multiple projects to find exactly what you need.
  7. Ruby specific view : Ruby and Rails introduce unique facilities and tools such as generators, rake, gems, RI, rdocs & plugins. RadRails includes specialized views to access these unique Ruby features.
  8. Free and open source; cross-platform, stand-alone IDE or Eclipse plug-in
  9. File- and project-based workflow with integrated FTP/SFTP
  10. Embedded database navigator and query console

Download : Aptana RadRails 2

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