Railo – Open source ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) engine

Railo is a high performance free, Open source CFML engine that allows anyone to write and run CFML pages on any JEE server or servlet container without any licensing fees. Now it’s an officially accepted as a JBoss.org project. Railo is an open source project released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1.

Railo - Open source CFML engine

it’s (super) fast, feature-rich, syntax compatible CFML Engine specially designed to be compatible with all of the core features agreed by the CFML Language Advisory Committee. Most existing ColdFusion applications will work out of the box on Railo also always been characterized by it’s innovative, elegant extensions to the core CFML feature set. With "resources" you can treat RAM, the hard disk, an FTP server or even an Amazon S3 service in exactly the same way (e.g. using cffile).

You can deliver secure applications by creating a non-decryptable JAR for deployments, Railo provides cluster caching out of the box and allows for the separation of applications and their settings in different configurable contexts.

Features of Railo

  1. Easily create dynamic applications with very little code
  2. Easy to mix your html code with CFML code seamlessly (bad practice! I know!)
  3. Easy ramp up your applications
  4. Lots of functionality, right out of the box.
  5. Connect to your databases with ease
  6. Use Cloud computing seamlessly
  7. Simpler database access, no closing of records and connections
  8. In build security against XSS and SSI attacks
  9. Easy to Access Java, C and other libraries with ease
  10. Integrate into Flash with Blaze DS
  11. Scalable, like Java
  12. Cacheable

Download : latest official version of Railo 3.1 OS

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