Rational Survey – Create questionnaire based surveys & polls online

Rational Survey is an easy to use application that helps in creating, managing and distributing polls, surveys and questionnaires. This powerful application makes easy to design and configure online questionnaires easily and effortlessly, distributes and analyzes the results as well.

Rational Survey

When you launch a product or put any new idea, you need to get the views and opinion of common people or your target audience on that idea or the product. This can be done easily by online research and surveying. For that, you can use Rational Survey, which helps in designing questionnaires based on the product or idea, distributes it across the globe using online connectivity and analyzes the collected data to display the results.

Hence, the application saves the time and effort you might have used to do this research and survey manually. The application builds multiple questionnaires and designs polls and surveys in no time using the questionnaire builder tool. Further, the application gets connected with social networking sites like twitter and Facebook to provide direct online access for survey and questionnaire publishing. As the pooling and surveying is complete and collected, the application provides an easily accessible excel data report that analyses the survey.

Features of Rational Survey

  1. Questionnaire builder support- the questionnaire builder support helps the users to create online polls, surveys and questionnaires easily.
  2. Customize Questionnaire and survey styles- As a user, you can design and customize questionnaires and surveys according to your preference by changing the font size, banner, color, etc. matching with your company’s’ brand logo.
  3. Embed popup surveys with the web pages- Users can easily embed popup surveys with their web pages so that the users can easily view them as the open the web page.
  4. Managing responders easily- The users can upload their surveys and questionnaire for his/her students or study group members to get them organized and view the completed statistical data and responder’s response.
  5. Multiple choice illustrations support- The user can create multiple choice questions using images as the answer choices. They can also reuse them (the illustrations and images) for various other surveys published.
  6. Easy sorting and searching of data- Users can easily access, sort and search any response data from the application for analyzing trends and get quick & instant information and results.
  7. Time limit-Users can enable time limit option with the application and set a particular time for every participant to complete and submit the form. This helps in analyzing the time-bound results.
  8. Single Click application- The application can work on a single tap of a button and users can easily navigate through the surveys by selecting one from the drop down list from the sidebar.
  9. Brand your survey- The users can brand their survey and polls by uploading their company’s banner on the top of the surveys published.
  10. PDF support- Once the user configures and builds the survey form completely, s/he can download it and save it in a folder for further distribution (as hard or soft copy).

This multi-functional application is a wonderful tool to create, distribute and analyze surveys in no time at all. In a way, it is a very effective marketing tool for the industries which are planning to launch a new product or idea.

Download : Rational Survey

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