Lucky Orange – Real Time Web Analytics

Would you like to know who is browsing your website now? Would you like to interact with those people who are using your website at this moment? Well if you like to do that, then Lucky orange is the answer. Lucky orange is a software that lets you search and know who is browsing your website at the current moment.

Lucky Orange Real Time Web Analytics

It gives you live feed on the users who are browsing you website at the current moment and even lets you interact with them through the live chat software they provide. Lucky Orange with the help of the different applications and tools to count upon gives you an analysis and report of who is using your website and the popularity of it.

apart from that, it also gives you information on the chat sourcing options you can opt for with the users of your website. It also gives you different ratings and feedback the users may give on your website usage with the help of the polls conducted by the programe . You can even see your website visitors in the real map and the places from where they are reviewing your website. Nevertheless, this programe is most efficient due to the different features it provides for your convenience.

Lucky orange is a tool that lets you see who the people who are visiting your site are and helps you to chat with them and interact with them in good ways. With the help, you live chat software, it helps you to get in touch with these people and get their review on your website.

Apart from that, with the real map monitor, they also give you information about from which place, people are visiting your site. The tool is specifically designed to let you understand your website functioning conveniently. You also get the chance to interact with your customers apart from accessing your problems in your website and solving them efficiently.

Features of Lucky Orange – Real Time Analytics Suite

  1. Live Dashboard : the dashboard is specifically designed to let you understand the statistics and the accurate information the tool offers. You also get a overview glace of what is happening in your website.
  2. Live Chat Software: the live chat software and its applications effectively helps you to get in touch with your customers and also interact with them well.
  3. Track Visitor Movements: Lucky Orange helps you to monitor your visitors’ movements on your website. You can get information on the real world map regarding where from your visitor is accessing your site.
  4. Online Surveys: With the help of online surveys and polls, you get information about the popularity of your website. You also get to know what the users conception regarding your website. The polls related to your website gives you fair idea of the working of the website and the rating of it in the people’s mind.
  5. Heat Maps: apart from that above features, Lucky orange also gives you the information regarding to which are the parts and categories of your website which are more accessed by the people to help you prioritize on development of those areas and also for up gradation for the other sites to make them attractive to the customers.

Download : Lucky Orange

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