Recess – A RESTful PHP framework


Recess is an open source, lightweight RESTful PHP framework specially designed to give you a fun & delightful development experience. it offers a full featured RESTful web application framework without having the need to master the command line or to learn the complicated deployment methods.

recess php framework

It is a fast, lightweight and has a very small footprint that is perfect for the LAMP development and drag-and-drop deployment to the shared hosts. It’s a modern framework that uses a declarative annotations to define relationships, routes, template engines, and user-defined behaviors with less code.

it also include a full database ORM for powerful database queries without complicated SQL and diagnostics tool help you to find and fix errors much more quickly .

it uses a loosely-coupled Model-View-Controller architecture designed and optimized specifically for PHP 5 and tools provides a GUI and toolset to speeds up your development without slowing down your applications.. Recess is an open source project released under the MIT License.

Download : Recess RESTful php framework
Website : Recess – RESTful PHP framework

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