Reframe It – Comment anywhere on the web

Reframe It is a browser plug in for Firefox that allow you to Comment on the content of any website without the permission of a site owner.

With Reframe It, User can easily comment right next to the text or images of any website. highlight comment and share you thoughts in context. Say what you want where you want. reframe it always give you new platform to share you thoughts in context. it provide collapsible space on the side of your browser. In this way you can post, read, and share comments as when you browse the web. Reframe It is work very similar to Google Sidewiki. it’s an perfect browser plugin for communities of people who interact around particular web content.

How to use Reframe It Browser Plugin

Reframe It is very easy to install and use, just download and install browser plugin from . After installing the Reframe it browser plug in in your browser. it automatically shown in your right corner of your browser window or you can easily open the Reframe It on your sidebar by using shortcut keyboard or by toggle button.

Reframe It - Comment anywhere

Now, to comments on any webpage you need to sign in with your OpenID or using facebook connect.

Reframe It - Comment anywhere

Reframe It - Comment anywhere

You can also easily share your comments via Facebook, Twitter, RSS, HTML, and direct email.Type in the auto complete box to list your groups, friends, email contacts, or social networks and Press “enter” to add this item to the list that you want to share your comment with.

Reframe It - Comment anywhere

Download : Reframe It

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