Reinvigorate- Simple real-time web analytics + heatmaps

Web has evolved as one of the biggest market place in recent times. There are various marketing techniques like viral marketing, interrupt marketing, pay per click advertising, advertising campaigns which you can run on the web. But the problem with advertisement has always been the lack of a quantifiable instrument which measures the impact of the campaign. Reinvigorate helps you to measure in quantifiable terms the impact an advertisement campaign has had on the web.


Reinvigorate has a very easy to use User Interface which displays all the interesting data in the form of pie charts. If you have a problem understanding pie charts you may even customize the chart type. Basically, Reinvigorate divides the world in terms of time zones. After an ad campaign is launched the number of visitors from each time zone is categorized separately.

Then data is provided on the impact the ad campaign has had on the said time zone. You can then change your ad accordingly to have a more lasting effect on the other time zones. So basically with Reinvigorate you get an instrument which automatically segments your target market on the basis of psychographics. It also provides other valuable information like the bounce rate of your page.

The page statistics are divided into four important characteristics. Page views give the number of pages in your website that has been viewed. This is however a vague indicator as only one visitor may keep on viewing different pages. To guard against this Reinvigorate have measures like number of visitors and depth of a visitor. While number of visitors clearly shows the effectiveness of your ad campaign the depth of visitor gives you an efficient indication of how long your web site could retain interest in the viewer. Another very important factor that is taken into account is the number of return visitors which shows how many people actually felt like coming back to your page. This is an efficient indication of the impact your web site has left on an onlooker.

Features of Reinvigorate

  1. Real Time Tracking – A real time tracking of your viewer is done. The dynamic nature of the software ensures that you will receive updates as soon as it happens in your web site.
  2. Hot Heatmaps -  If you are not getting enough hits in your website you can implement the heatmaps from reinvigorate to generate more clicks.
  3. Comprehensive Statistical Analysis – A comprehensive and detailed statistics is provided in your desktop detailing various measures that has been used to measure the impact of your campaigns on the web.
  4. Name Tag – Visitors can be tagged and you can keep a track on your visitors through interactive name tags.
  5. Granular Graphs – Trend analysis is provided in the innovative graphing method used in the product. You can even customize the user interface.
  6. Timed Breakdown – Data is broken down into monthly weekly and daily and a comprehensive report is prepared.

Reinvigorate is a comprehensive web analytics measurement tool and if the main advertisement platform for your business is the internet then it is a tool you should use.

Download : Reinvigorate

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