Remus information management software

Remus is a complimentary Open Source user application for the administration of information. It practically acts as a store house of your entire valuable database and finally integrates that into a user friendly desktop interface. You can access to all that resources when you are offline and accordingly work out as per your requirements.

Remus information management software

This open source project was initiated in the summer of 2008 and finally the main version was confirmed in January 2010. This open Source project was developed by the Eclipse Foundation and is known all over as an certified Eclipse Project.

It has been build keeping in mind that it meets the requirements of the corporate houses and other organizations in terms of information management. You can also use this application as a database management system by feeding it with all your written data and information which you can synchronies any time.

You don’t have to be online to work with the data and information; you can perform your actions offline too. Remus is approved for a marketable extension or redeployment and provides structured assistance to join your business specific data structures or to incorporate your own data repository.

It also enables you to extend and customize the basic application platform even without modifying the core data of the applications. Remus is already being used in scientific laboratories to help in integrating the results and providing effective solutions. Thus you can clearly see that even the information structure of complex chemical experiments is also provided by Remus.

The application is well equipped with options like browsing, search, synchronization with the server and also offline availability. All these features help it very much to race ahead in front of the other software in this line.

Features of Remus

  1. You can even share your information or thoughts Coordinated data is obtainable offline.
  2. There is no requirement of using the platform websites, all harmonization, adding, omitting and screening of items can be performed with your Remus client. You will only have a single application sufficing all requirements.
  3. Moving information between storages: All you have to do is drag and drop your selected items which you wish to share like what you do in Flickr or Picasa.
  4. Smart performing, quick offline explore through coordinated data.
  5. Editing of coordinated data without a link to the repository
  6. Formation of links between data units in diverse distant repositories  Like Remus allows you to create a link between a photo in Picasa and a video in YouTube.
  7. Automatic notification for latest data
  8. Provides essential elements that caters to your needs
  9. Remus administers all the attractive information which you might need in your daily life. It covers numerous information types, images, as well as videos, mind maps, web pages, and even PDF documents.
  10. You can even ask the Remus programmers to provide you with a solution that may help you out.
  11. It is also an open platform with various communities that can provide you with the much needed support.

So it is recommended that you choose Remus to be your effective information management solution.

Download : Remus information management software

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